Animal Crossing New Horizon Clinic Tour!

During this Pandemic time, I was forced to shut down from Mid march until early June this year. I was using the time to study Chinese Medicine, but at the same time, I spent fair bit of time playing Animal Crossing New Horizon with Nintendo Switch. I decided to create my dream clinic island.

The entire island is dedicated for Chinese Medicine. My own house is of course a clinic, actually the main clinic, but residents all have clinic related jobs. There is an Acupuncture clinic, Community Acupuncture clinic, Pharmacy, Qi Gong studio, Moxibustion studio, massage …. also a small hotel, restaurant, fortune teller … All the residents on the island have clinic related job.

I want to make this fabulous game into a chance to talk about Chinese Medicine.

Would you want a tour?

Also Visit me in the dream!!!!

Published by Yumi Ridsdale R.TCNP. R.Ac

From Japan. Living in Canada since 2001. I am a registered practitioner of Chinese Medicine with special interest in Classic herbal therapies.

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