Chinese Medicine modalities include Massage.

Yumi’s style of massage is a combination of Thai Yoga massage, Chinese Tui Na massage, Japanese Shiatsu massage as well as Yoga therapy. It is deep massage. She does not use any oil (unless pain ointment is indicated) and you will keep your clothes on.

This kind of massage is suitable for muscle stiffness, feeling of heaviness and sluggishness, or any pain and ache that is better with moving. If resting is only solution for a pain, acupuncture, moxibustion and Chinese herb is better and more effective solutions.

Yumi’s massage is known to be a strong one. If you need gentle and more relaxing massage, Yumi’s Foot Reflexology is better. It relaxes you, adjust your Yin/Yang balance, and make your feet stepping on a cloud.

Please call to book. 519-622-0770

Yumi limits her massage appointment to one a day.

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