仁義中醫 means Chinese Medicine with Benevolence and Righteousness.

 Chinese Medicine aims to bring a person’s body, mind and spirit its original balance. The original equilibrium is Tao 道. Chinese Medicine helps a person to come closer to Tao, the Universal Truth. Of course, a practitioner of Chinese Medicine must practice Tao to achieve the goal. Benevolence is compassion and kindness to serve others. Righteousness is willingness and courage to do right things.  These are the manifestation of Tao in human beings.

Benevolence and Righteousness, accompanied with Propriety, Wisdom and Faith, are Five Virtues which are related to Five Elements (Wood, Metal, Fire, Water and Earth) of the Universe.

Benevolence and Righteousness are the guiding principle of Trillium Chinese Medicine. My mission is to help as many people as possible come back to their balance, their original Tao.

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