Answering to commonly asked questions on Google …

  1. Is Acupuncture Legit?

Sure, it is. Try and you will see.

2. Is Acupuncture safe?

Yes, when it is done by licensed practitioner, it is safe.

3. Is Acupuncture good for you?

Of course. It is much safer and better than Tylenol. It can take your pain away instantly, it can calm you down, and it can give you digestive kick.

4. Is Acupuncture painful?

Not necessarily. You will feel some sharp sensation when needles are inserted. Then you will feel deep heavy sensation once the needle is inserted deeply. If you have stagnation of the Qi, the sensation will be bigger. (For children, I can make it painless.)

5. Is Acupuncture covered by OHIP?

No. Unfortunately no. If you have a budget for treatmenets, Yumi does Community Acupuncture where she only charges between $20 and $60 (you can decide how much to pay). There is always a way to get better.

6. Is Acupuncture covered by Sunlife?

It really depends on a plan you have. Please ask your HR. If not Please ask her to add in. It is wonderful things to have.

7. Is Acupuncture placebo?

What is the definition of placebo? Is it the positive result because the patient felt they got a treatment? if that’s the case, the patient has healthy connection between body mind and spirit.

Answering to commonly asked questions about Chinese Herbs on Google …

  1. Is Chinese Herbal Medicine effective?

Yes. Amazing results. It sometime can work faster than Western medicine as well.

2. Is Chinese Herbs good for you?

Yes. Amazing effects. However, one should take what he needs when he needs. Chinese Herbs should not be taken like a vitamin pills. There is not a single herb that is beneficial for everyone. Each person’s Yin & Yang dynamics is different. One should ALWAYS consult with a licensed herbalist when taking Chinese Herbs.

3. Is Chinese Herbal Soup safe for pregnancy?

Yes. But only with a guidance with a licensed Chinese Herbalist. There are a number of formula listed in Classical texts like Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue. they all work and they are all safe.

4: Is Chinese Herbal Viagra safe?

YES!! BUT!!! ONLY with a guidance with a licensed Chinese Herbalist. The reasons of impotent, soft election, premature ejaculation, lack of desire….. are different for each person, and only customized Chinese Herbal remedy can bring great results. Impotent is a manifestation of other root imbalance. The imbalance must be treated first.

5. Is Chinese herbal Soup healthy?

Of course.

6. Is Chinese Herbal Medicine expensive?

$40-50 a week. Not too bad.

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