I work with these wonderful practitioners. Natalie Friese, Heilkunst & Sequential Homeopathyand Nature’s Vibe Founder, DHHP “Taking charge of your health begins with taking the first step on the journey to natural healing; this is not only an opportunity for developing great health, but also very much for spiritual growth and personal development.” CatherineContinue reading “Friends”

Treatment of General Anxiety Disorder using Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

AbstractThis is a case study about diagnosing and treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) using modern scalp acupuncture and Classical Jing Fang (Dr.Hu XI Shu’s lineage). After 1 visit and 1 week of herbal treatments, the patient showed significant improvements. By the third visit and two weeks of herbal treatment, she had a few daysContinue reading “Treatment of General Anxiety Disorder using Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs”

Animal Crossing New Horizon Clinic Tour!

During this Pandemic time, I was forced to shut down from Mid march until early June this year. I was using the time to study Chinese Medicine, but at the same time, I spent fair bit of time playing Animal Crossing New Horizon with Nintendo Switch. I decided to create my dream clinic island. TheContinue reading “Animal Crossing New Horizon Clinic Tour!”

Immune System: What is the “quickest” way to improve your true Immune Power.

It is March 2020, so due to the International pandemic, immune system and immune power is in our everyday conversation. There are a umber of products out there to boost your immune system like a magic. In this lecture, I will explain what is the “quickest” way to improve your true immune system. I willContinue reading “Immune System: What is the “quickest” way to improve your true Immune Power.”