Community Acupuncture

Every Monday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Minimum $20 (Please pay what you can)

Yumi believes Acupuncture treatments are for everyone. It is so beneficial for many pains and ailments that she feels anyone should be able to have access to this experience easily. She wants Acupuncture to be part of people’s ordinary health routine. Community Acupuncture is an easily accessible opportunity.

    At Trillium Chinese Medicine Community Acupuncture, 4 patients can receive an Acupuncture treatment at the same time in a big room together. Needling will be given to scalp and limbs.   

    Yumi can treat many kinds of pain in the body, mobility issues, emotional issues such as anxiety and depression, as well as severe stress and mental fatigue.

    Trillium Chinese Medicine Community Acupuncture offers a sliding scale to use community wealth to accommodate the needs of patients from different background.

The scale is from $20 – $60. You can pay what you can contribute. 

You can book a time or just walk in!

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