About Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine has been popular for over 4000 years in East Asia. It simply aims to bring a body its balance of Yin and Yang. It concerns the amount, the quality and the function of one’s Qi (the vital energy), Jin Ye (Body Fluid), Xue (Blood), Jing (Essence) and Zang Fu (Organs).

3 principles of Chinese Medicine

1: It is holistic medicine.

Holistic medicine considers a person as a whole complete organic entity. Human being is not just a collection of individual parts who function separately, rather human being is a complicated system in which every parts of the body is interconnected and co-operated in harmonious way.

For example, when Yumi treats a patient’s eczema she would first treats the person’s bowel movements. That means she will look at the patient’s digestive ability. Skin issues often involves pathogenic heat, therefore Yumi will try to find out where is the heat from. She may pay attention to the patient’s emotional tendency or thirst. Skin issues are most likely the result of internal imbalance. Poor digestion often is the root cause of a skin issue. This way of looking at illnesses is called holistic approach.

2: It aims unification with the nature

Whatever happens in the nature happens in a person. If there is not enough rain in a summer and the temperature is high, the dry heat can easily cause wild fire. Similarly, not enough body fluid in one’s body can eventually cause severe anger. Water in a fast river is moving smoothly so it is clean without much turbid muds. On the other hand, when the water in a river is slow, like the Amazon River, the water is turbid with heavy mud. Similarly, when one’s circulation is impaired, his Qi, Body Fluid, and Blood will become turbid.

The Yellow Emperor’s minister Qi Bo taught him that the key of the health and longevity is living with the nature. Always pay attention to the season, the weather, and the star movements, human being should adjust the way of living.

3: It’s diagnosis is based on the collection of the symptoms.

Symptoms matter. Even though a patient says he has a brain tumour, if there is no single symptoms that indicates an imbalance in his body, mind, and spirit, there is nothing Chinese Medicine can do for him.

At the same time, when one has bodily discomforts but no medical test can find anything, Chinese Medicine can help. The subjective feeling of discomfort is enough reasons for Chinese medicine to pay attention.

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