Services and Fees

Trillium Chinese Medicine is always accepting new clients.

  1. In-Person initial consultation: $120 including Acupuncture treatment (Adult)

During the consultation, we will discuss your health concerns and other supplemental information about overall your health stage. I will also feel your pulse, observe your tongue and possibly palpate your body. Then I make a diagnose based on Chinese Medicine. We will then discuss how the illness has started and what is the treatment protocol. It is very important that patients understand the pathology and how we can reverse it for the best result.

Unless acupuncture is contraindicated, I will offer a treatment.

Whole together, the initial consultation takes about 90 minutes.


2. In-Person initial consultation: $100 including (Acupuncture) treatment (Child up to around 14-16)

I do not have a set age to define “child”. I usually determine one as an adult based on his or her physique. If the person can be benefit from adult treatment, I will consider the person adult. However, if a patient is younger than age 18, I will need his or her parent or primary guardian’s consent along with the consent form.

I welcome patients of any age. Chinese medicine is extremely effective to treat children for many issues including digestive issues, cough, emotional issues like temper tension, or even bed wetting.

The diagnosis is still based on interview, pulse and tongue; however, the treatment is not necessarily the same. If the child has aversion to needles, I can use other modalities to treat such as massage, guan ha scraping, cupping and moxibustion.


3. Follow-Up treatments: $75 (adult) 

Follow up sessions are usually about 45 minutes.

4. Follow-Up treatments: $50 (child)

Follow ups for children are usually 30 minutes.

5. Distant consultation: Initial – $75 (Any age), Follow-Ups – $35

I will send you a fillable PDF form that you can fill out. I can diagnose and send you a prescription that you can take to a Chinese pharmacy if your city has one, or I can mail you actual herbs.

6. Chinese Herb with consultation: Initial $100 (Any age), Follow Ups $50-80 including herbs 

In-Person session without acupuncture or any manual treatments.

I usually prescribe for one week much of herbs. However with occasional acute condition it can be only for a few days or 2 weeks if the condition is stable.


7. Chinese herb only (add-on for acupuncture treatments) $25-30 for a week 

8. Deep Tissue Acupressure Massage: $80

Chinese Medicine modalities include Massage. The style of massage is a combination of Thai Yoga massage, Chinese Tui Na massage and Japanese Shiatsu massage. It is deep massage. I don’t use any oil (unless pain ointment is indicated) and you will keep your clothes on.

Combination of massage and acupuncture in one session (90 min ish – $135) is available as well.


9. Foot Reflexology: $80

Chinese Medicine often uses micro system in which a part of the body has a map of entire body. The soles of feet have relation to the rest of the body, and by just massaging and stimulating the area and points, I can make therapeutic effects for the whole holistic system.



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