Services and Fees

Trillium Chinese Medicine is always accepting new clients.

  1. In-Person initial consultation: $120 including Acupuncture treatment (Adult)

During the consultation, we will discuss your health concerns and other supplemental information about overall your health stage. I will also feel your pulse, observe your tongue and possibly palpate your body. Then I make a diagnose based on Chinese Medicine. We will then discuss how the illness has started and what is the treatment protocol. It is very important that patients understand the pathology and how we can reverse it for the best result.

Unless acupuncture is contraindicated, I will offer a treatment.

Whole together, the initial consultation takes about 90 minutes.


2. Follow-Up treatments: $75

Follow up sessions are usually about 45 minutes.

3. Distant Herbal consultation: Initial – $90, Follow-Ups – $55

I will send you a fillable PDF form that you can fill out. I can diagnose and send you a prescription that you can take to a Chinese pharmacy if your city has one, or I can mail you actual herbs.


4. Chinese herb only (add-on for acupuncture treatments) $40-55 for a week 

5. Facial Acupuncture for anti-aging of skin $100

I will use ultra fine needles for facial acupuncture with the intention to drain waste from your face, improve circulation and natural facial expression as well as natural glow of the face. It is very holistic approach for healthy look of your skin!

Check the Youtube about the facial Acupuncture here!


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